The key to the best quality leads for your business (video feedback)


It is proven that exhibitions are one of the strongest sales lead generators, since customers are more likely to spend money with companies they have met in person. Face-to-face communication makes it easier to promote your strengths, spread the message about your products and services, gain brand awareness and improve word-of-mouth about your company.

100% focused

We select exhibiting companies for their relevance to the market – in fact we reject companies if we believe they don’t suit our audience as we are committed to delivering a 100% focused exhibition. When you exhibit at Build It Live, you’ll be sure that you’re meeting the right people in the right area – and taking away the best quality leads for your business.

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Reaching key self build pockets across the UK

The varied locations of our three annual shows means accessing affluent self build pockets across the UK is easier than ever.

SOUTH EAST – 6-7 February 2021, Kent

NORTH WEST – 20-21 February 2021, Manchester

SOUTH CENTRAL – 19-20 September 2020, Oxfordshire

If your company offers products or services within our selected categories, please contact us to discuss exhibiting at our shows. Space will only be sold to companies who are truly relevant to the self-build and renovation market. Get in touch with Sarah Nesbitt-Hawes today – call 020 3627 3247 or email